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WebDesign / RWD

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Form Impress is a team of creative people who strive for great solutions and customer satisfaction. They proved to be professionals who answers their phones and act – and that may not always be so obvious in the IT industry.

Magdalena Pawłowska Insource

Kuba and Michał asked me to write a recommendation for them. For quite some time I was wondering how to describe our cooperation (and quite a friendly relationship) during designing our website, stationery, business cards and other things that we needed in the past two years. They listened to our needs and wanted us to have creative solutions for lawyers. Apart from that, we could always count on them: with our YouTube channel and functionality of our blog, etc. Quite simply: if you have any doubts about their skills, just visit our website and then try to find a better site for a law firm.

Tomek Snażyk SGP Legal

When we came across Form/Impress we were looking for innovation-oriented approach and creativity. All of their previous projects, as well as our cooperation, have shown that they can be counted on them and the final result will be satisfying.

Wojciech Gierszewski Instytut Ekspertyz

After several projects we’ve done together, changing the concept several times a day, I am full of appreciation for the team that has demonstrated the necessary qualities: flexibility, common sense, and professionalism.

Przemek Cholewiński EMLAB

The most valuable pros of the cooperation with these guys are: their unquestionable quality, efficiency and the fact that they answer the phone even at midnight. I had some emergency situations more than once, and I could always count on them.

Łukasz Jakóbiak 20m2 talk show

You can count on Form/Impress in any situation. They’re always on time, they’re good with people and utterly involved in every project. We’ve been working with them for several months now and we are very satisfied. They’ve always been able to meet the challenges.

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