• Website

    This is what builds your company image among the industry and customer, and gain a new orders.

  • E-commerce

    It is the perfect solution for companies, who are selling products and want to increase their market share.

  • Branding

    This is what helps to keep in memory your brand of the market group more than words. That’s because most of the people more easily remember the images.



A website is nothing but a virtual office of your company. Your potential customers should find inside of it all the necessary information which they need to make a decision about cooperation with you. We know how to create a website like this. This is your tool for selling. Don’t forget it. This is what builds your company image among the industry and customer, and gain a new orders.


Online store is the perfect solution to increase company’s profit. If the greater part of your proceeds comes from the sales representatives and stationary shops, you should think about the development of the online store. This is an excellent way to reduce costs and generate new sales. In the initial phase of development it may be also an perfect source of an additional profit and does not need an high investments.



About the financial success of the company decides it’s recognition among the market group, potential customers. Most of the people more easily remember the images than words. That’s why the companies, which have a characteristic graphic design has also more customers than others. Cellular network is an industry, which perfectly exploited the potential of branding. They are recognizable because they decided to use specific colours such like orange, magenta, violet and green.

Graphic subscription

Graphic subscription is a service addressed to restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, hostels, bars, clubs and office building and it is a response to the constant demand of advertising materials. Our company give you a opportunity to „rent” our graphic-designer for hours. It means that you will end the project at the time that you need without overpaying for individual projects.



Video is one of the most attractive and compelling forms of communication. If you want to reach a wide audience, get interested of the internet users in, gain a high visibility – this is an ideal solution for you. Do you have an idea, but don’t know how to proceed with? We will lead up the project from writing the script until after it’s implementation. We produce professional promotional and advertising films, music videos, videocards, movies from events.


If you are interested in increasing profits in your company and if you want to be an trusted business partner for your customers, contact us. You will get a free advise, we will evaluate our cooperation. Then you have time to think about it and then you should call us back.

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